To host a good party, you need to strive for three things: good company, great drinks and amazing food. However, you also want your party to stand out amongst the rest and leave your guests buzzing. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to introduce Ukrainian finger foods to your next party or gathering. To put it simply, Ukrainians love food, flavours and most of all, eating; we know a thing or two about putting together a dish that is aimed to please. Here are three popular Ukrainian dishes that can be served as finger food for your next party.

Baked Pyrizhky

Nothing beats the flavour of a homemade Ukrainian dish and baked Pyrizhky fits that bill. If you are looking for comfort food at its finest, Pyrizhky are certainly an avenue worth exploring. These little buns are baked in cream and highly addictive. Your guests will rave about this dish if served as a part of your main course or as an appetizer. Pyrizhky aim to please your whole crowd! Whether you decide to fill them with a meatless product such as sauerkraut, or cheese, these little treats aim to please!

Cabbage Rolls

A specialty of ours creates a special night for you! Absolutely stun your party guests with the exceptional texture, intricate aroma, and the stunning aesthetic of homemade cabbage rolls! Available with your choice of filling, whether you prefer a meatless option, or you prefer them with cured beef or bacon, you may need to pick up a tray of 50 to ensure these don’t run out at the beginning of your party. Topped with butter and garnished with parsley which accentuates the already ravishing bouquet. Made with either Sweet leaf or Sauer leaf, they both boast a distinctive taste that screams out, fresh, homestyle, Ukrainian cooking!


Pierogis are a variety of dumplings that can be filled with many different ingredients, including potatoes, cottage cheese, various meats and vegetables. Pierogis are made from dough and can be sweet or spicy. These little snacks are tremendous options for your next house party because they are hearty but not incredibly filling, allowing your guests to quench their hunger pains while allowing them to save room for the main course. Ukrainians love sour cream as a topping, so be sure to provide it for your guests.

A get-together only turns into a party when the company is good, the drinks are great, and the food is even better. Ukrainian dishes are unique, flavourful and extraordinary crowd-pleasers. For more information on Ukrainian dishes, suggestions and recommendations on possible dishes for your next party, contact Yo Baba today!